Because we believe every moment out there should be a great one !!

F-ONE KITES CEO Raphael SALLES, my father, founded MANERA in 2011 with the idea of creating gear to benefit the whole Kitesurfing community.

When F-ONE develops kites and boards, MANERA stands side by side with the rider, creating wetsuits and harnesses. We share the same philosophy that the product is the heart of a company, and as a result most of our efforts are spent on the research, development and testing of the collection.

Our passion is about Kiteboarding as much as it is about creating and innovating. We enjoy both the hours spent at the office and the ones spent on the water, and we believe that’s what makes our philosophy well-founded.

The F-ONE company is now more than 20 years old. All over these years, we have seen how Kitesurfing evolved and how many people were hit by this passion. Today it’s pure happiness to see all those guys & girls on the water with a big smile on their faces.

Our goal at MANERA is to create products so nobody has to get out of the water because they are cold or uncomfortable with the highest technologie in the market.